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Sentient Rights:
The Abolitionist Approach
The Abolitionist Approach to the Rights of Sentient Beings.
The Abolitionist Approach is a centuries long movement to "Free Sentient Beings from being Owned, or Used as a Resource, by other Sentient Beings." Started in Europe and the UK, the first goal of the Abolitionist Approach, was to free Filipinos (then called "Chinese Islanders" or "Pacific Islanders") and Indians (from India) from Slavery. Africans were soon added, and today the Abolitionist Approach includes ALL Sentient Beings, with no other requirement.
LAN Tait is
Net Working!
Lan Tait's Web Coding Website
Being VeKind The Future Is Our Finish Line ... Humans Being VeKind!
Plant-Only Plan The Plant-Only Plan Beyond Plant-Based To Terran HealthBeyond Plant-Based To Terran>
Pretty Zoe Pretty Zoe!
There once was a baby named Zoe. However, Zoe grew and became a pretty kid, Pretty Zoe! Zoe is special in that she is the first VeKind kid in the whole world, Zoe VeKind. Her famous quote is, "I taste like bacon, please don't eat us!" (Don't eat me or the pigs!) If you would like to check in and see how Pretty Zoe is doing, this is the website to do it!
RAW118 The RAW118 Design Diet is a Species Specific Diet for the health and happiness of Human Beings. Specifically, RAW118 is a Low Protein, Low Fat, Whole Food, Plant-Only Diet that has been Anthropocene Adjusted for the optimum health of modern day human beings. RAW118 incorporates the health and healing properties of the VeKind Philosophy and the VeKind Lifestyle for better health. fitness and a better Earth for all to enjoy.
T.A.I.T. Plan Terran Active Inspiration Therapy / Tired And Illness Therapy
TransVeKind Transitioning to Being VeKind
TuKod The TuKod Web Development Website
VeKind VeKind ...with a grateful heart!
Being VeKind is to be saving the Earth via Health and Kindness for all Sentient Beings. Humans Being VeKind! "VeKind" is derived from the Latin word Vegetus meaning lively or vigorous. Some have suggested that in English the V.E. may be considered to mean Vigorous and Energetic, two adjectives that are often used to describe health, as is Vegetus! The second part of VeKind, or Kind, is the root of Kindness, the method a VeKind uses to save the world. There is NO Vekindism! The proper way to address the practice of following the VeKind Philosophy and the VeKind Lifestyle is simply, Being VeKind!
VeKind Society The VeKind Society
The Authority on Being VeKind